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Dodger Blue Bye-Yu – Part 1

August 6th, 2017 at 5:38 PM
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It was what Yu Darvish didn’t bring back in trade value that really got Metroplex tongues wagging last week.

And that’s a bit unfair, to everyone involved. This was much more complex than a trade for an ace would seem to be.

Limiting ourselves to just the Dodgers, we heard three names that stood out as stellar prospects. Those were the Dodgers first-, second-, and third-ranked minor leaguers: RHP Walker Buehler, OF Alex Verdugo, and RHP Yadier Alvarez.

For a true-blue, #1 starter in MLB, going for one (or, potentially, even two) of those guys is legitâ??if that #1 starter is controllable.

But that’s not Yu. Remember, he’s a free agent come  the offseason.

So LA was looking at him for three months. Is he worth one of those guys, as a rental? No. Sorry, but no. I felt a Top 5 Dodger prospect was a good haul. I felt we needed to get quantity with quality, but in the lottery that is minor league projections, I’d go for an extra player over talent (unless that talent was one of those Top 3 Dodger kids.)

As best I can guess (I haven’t been privy to any inside notes), the talks stopped when Buehler, Verdugo, or Alvarez entered the package. The balance was off because the Dodgers would have balked at hearing “and” after those names, and the Rangers (rightfully) would have balked not hearing them at least discussed.

Personally, I give this trade a B+, with a shot at reaching A-level honors in time. It was a lot better than it looks by people’s familiarity with the names. The Rangers appear to have done their homework well before pulling any triggers. Would you expect less from JD? I wouldn’t.

So, as Coach Norman Dale (the great Gene Hackman) says in Hoosiers, “I would hope you would support who we are, not who we are not.”

That’s what I’m all about here. Let’s look at what the Rangers got for Darvish, versus pining over what they did notâ??from the lowest-ranked of the prospects to the top.

First, understand none of the three, as it might have been presented, are scrubs, or …

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